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Short version of the review of the 2015 Nissan Titan pro 4X, Sure said that correctly believe I did Richard Lester occur yet pro 4X. And now I know that’s a mouthful but this is really the off road version of the Nissan Titan 5.6 liter V8 runs extremely well lots of power the negative is not a lot of fuel economy I will say and I think Richard my both common Richards fiance did to you come round at the front of this truck. This is a no offense ladies but some manly look it’s got a very masculine look to it now. Not that all women would not like that but it’s just the way this truck what’s got a very masculine type, of a look to it it’s been a staple for for Nissan it’s a great solid truck if you want more information on a go through the entire review we go through the interior walk you through all the insides, of how that works and to also driving test while radic let’s walk around the side the son’s little better for us today going this direction, got a beautiful blue color to it really like this truck standard off road tires also because of Rancho. Suspension walking her differential up quickly show you something in the bed that actually works really really well it’s a 300 plus dollar option but it’s got this pull down a cage if you want review happen, if you have access to show your click if you have the pack in down.


Nissan TitanTailgate down you fold this out piece you extra capacity you extra cargo capacity this, also with this track system is adjustable depend upon. Tail lights is led and led headlights for Nissan Titan. What you wanna hall maybe you want to touch something up against the tailgate itself all the horns are extremely well back up camera trailer hitch of course all standard again this is the 2015 the short version short review. I should say short version review of the 2015 Nissan Titan as you can see prothorax at the off road version of the truck very capable off road. You know offroad cable truck what your long read your go check it out at Nissan dealer tell John Richard rush since you alright folks look hoping you’re this last.


I’ve just done. And as always we say this but we really do need to get out drive the car put yourself your family. Ted whatever you’re going to do with the vehicle please get out get in it drive it make sure when you go into that you tell John Richard rushing bright red you since you for all over the reviews content things we had you can check out our website drive dash radio please going like us on Facebook Facebook.com slash Dr radio and of course you found this on you to possess we probably studios up our channel drive radio all one word but check out all the rest are reviews like it comment do whatever you need to we want to be here to help you pick out the right vehicle for you because as we always say there’s really not too many bad vehicles may today there’s just bad vehicle choices so with that I hope you have a great evening great day whatever it is Justin joined again thanks so much.