2000 Chrysler Voyager Review

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chrysler voyager Looking for an MPV in the state something big you obvious Boston if I didn’t a district doesn’t house drug let’s say wagons comfort day and refinement and east of the of the hats and the second call is this the Chrysler Voyager now this is got even more of. Got a 3.3 V. 6 engine. But the downside to that is that is thirsty. See how it drives the main thing. Yeah looking for drugs jump it let’s get. Apply if the Soviets bus with. This is the biggest Chrysler grand Voyager that is neat yeah news yeah it’s. Very very tough. To drop by but they draw the position when you got the arm rest adventures proxy small funny that crap yeah yeah general refinement. That’s. I mean you’re looking at barely 20 format.

This town has. Yeah. Absolutely. I identity first yeah as it is a actions we can run a bag if you could afford to leave early sitting in the galaxy will wait. I wouldn’t go for it but consider this when this was near the so called And But now it’s time to grow with every 50000. I think this will almost certainly not too I defies. Yeah just. But his Richard Hammond with a complete lowdown. Cries the Voyager. When Chrysler make that claims that the MPV was that. They usually talking about that all day vans and this the Voyager the MPV. Kinda continues some of the themes in the day about owning so much as it looks. But vaguely menacing police as if it’s trying to look menacing. And also that it offers pretty high levels of luxurious accommodations.


The sliding does a pretty handy too especially if you park in any way at school this though is the grand Voyager which means it is. Who You go play the agreement if a 7 people and all of their luggage is it reasonable bring space in the back. On the downside well the rare 3 seats are bench arrangement and it is a bug to get in and out why do these things do have a reputation for being able to do pretty big miles and not show any signs of trouble so we should be very reliable. As well as loads and loads of kit including electric competed on the just and new led Chrysler voyager headlight bulb.

Seats you get a 3.3 liter V. 6 petrol engine which means it will be quick and very expensive to run this model of the Voyager has now been replaced by the new version once that new version is undoubtedly better looking and certainly safer in the event of a head on collision that does mean that will be some bargains around but they say they have going on to say if you do decide to go for the Voyager remember about it. Defensive cries of Voyager you get a choice of engines petrol with a 2 liter and a 3.3 liter if you want a turbo diesel last 2.5 into the insurance groups vary according to the ends of entry level between 12 and 14 none of them that.